The Family Fani farm over 15 years ago and owns the farm among the oldest of the place.

The strength of our farm is the experience, knowledge of the area and the traditions, typical of those years he lives and evolves with it.

George Fani, equestrian riding in the Maremma, will accompany you on horseback towards naturalistic and scenic paths and trails. The Vilna grandmother will cook breakfast completely homemade with the products that the company produces. Jonny, the son of George, will show the routes and will assist you during your stay.

Poggio Aione has created over time the true Self of quality, which is not only sleep and eat, but integrate into the territory to let the customer know new situations and engaging. With us you can even participate in the harvest and the olive harvest.

Not enough most charming rooms with the promise of healthy foods, we will find the experience, knowledge and tradition of those who do this job for years!